golden tippy
Abundance of very young tips and buds picked early in the season. Unique aromas and flavors with a very distinct taste.
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notes from the team.
"if there was such thing as a favorite child, this would be it. the crown jewel.

that's it, that's the commentary.

if you forced me so say something else, idk maybe i'd say it slaps? like nothing else. tbh im upset we're selling it cause its limited.
flavor profile
Top Notes: Dates + Ripe Fruit
Body: Full Bodied
Finish: Floral Caramel
Dark Amber
caffeine/L-theanine content
Medium - High
brewing instructions
2-4g tea | 8-12 oz water | 3-5 min steep time
what is this?
This is black tea we used to make our first milk tea, Black No. 1. We have extra and are sharing it with you.
This is a rare tea.
Part of what makes the tea rare is the specific harvest year. Just because the tea is named the same, every harvest can be different because of changing seasons, soil conditions, temperature changes, and changes in rain/water availability.

These factors imbue a unique character to each harvest that can make that specific harvest more sought  after.
don't get confused. we sell milk tea.
These won't be aroud forever.
let's keep in touch.
We'll be launching our milk tea soon. We'll keep you updated as we get closer!