Once upon a time there was a king named coffee.
Coffee's plight
Coffee ruled the west for generations. In the beginning, the future was bright and full of joy. But as the king grew old, the people grew tired.

Early mornings turned into boring routines. Productive afternoons, suddenly filled with anxiety. Nights with loved ones were tainted by the thought of Sunday Scaries.
The king’s secret
Hopelessly the west grew more dependent on coffee. It was all they ever knew. “We’re bored of coffee!” they shouted. Their complaints fell upon the deaf ears of the king.

Rumors began to spread that in the east there was something special that would break their mundane existence.
A hope across the world
Magically, their voices were heard. Word reached far east to lands unreachable by Coffee. Something had to be done to bring the west hope that could free them from the shackles of their king.

In response, the east sent an envoy west...
The gift of choice
The envoy came with a message and a gift. Their message was this.
“Coffee has ruled this land forever. It’s important to be mindful of your daily lives. Even the smallest choices like what you choose to drink can change your day or even your life. Don’t accept what is given to you, instead seek out what brings you Joy and create the change you want to see in the world.”
A message in
a bottle
The envoy left the people with a gift to remind them of their message. A white box, with a seal that read.
We are thankful for you seeker.
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