we push the
boundaries of tea
We look at milk tea holistically with meticulous focus on each and every defining characteristic of our product.

Here are our philosophies.
+ Philosophy of Flavor + Philosophy of Ingredients + Philosophy of Nutrition + Philosophy of Function + Philosophy of Aesthetic + Philosophy of Being
Philosophy of
Flavor is the most important thing. For us, flavor is not engineered, flavor is discovered. Flavor is not formulated, it unleashed. Flavor is not perfect, it is a balance.
Our milk teas are made first by discovering beautiful flavors trapped inside tea. Then unleashing them through stronger steeps. And finally balancing the beautiful flavors and the bitter tannins with gentle creams and light sweeteners. 
Philosophy of
Use real ingredients and let them speak for themselves.
Reduce if not remove completely the use of engineered flavors. Perfection in imperfection.
Use only what is necessary, and nothing more.
Make inclusive products.
Philosophy of
Create products that are healthier, but prioritize the experience over the numbers
Everything comes at a cost, consume consciously.
Zero calorie usually means zero flavor. Boring!
Don't sacrifice flavor to make a guilt free product. At Joy we like real things. We balance health consciousness with creating the best product.
Philosophy of
We must create options for people in search of a sophisticated caffeine experience. Coffee and energy drinks are not enough.
Caffeine should be balanced with synergistic natural compounds like L-theanine to enhance the positive effects, and reduce the negatives effects.
Function does not have to be mind altering or performance boosting. Comfort can be a function.
Philosophy of
What you hold should present as beautifully as it tastes.
Simplicity in messaging, but complexity in imagery.
Push back against the blanding.
Tell a story. And make it a good one.
Philosophy of
Rebel against the mundane.
Find joy in simple things.
Being different does not make you better or worse. It makes you different. And that is more than fine.
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