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The original milk tea | vegan

Strong floral black tea with hints of caramel and dates. Functions best as a coffee replacement or mid day pick me up.
Made with oat milk & pea milk
per case (6 - 16 fl oz bottles)
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All milk teas are made fresh, and shipped priority express. They will arrive cold and ready to drink.
No tea left unsteeped
Joy partners with tea producers from countries with rich tea heritages. Bringing you the flavors of the world.
Highgrown ceylon
The floral foundation of Black No. 1.
Golden tippy
Specially cured in Ha Giang to have shiny notes of fresh dates.
Bhukial assam
The finishing touch, sprinkles of caramel flavor.
Made for early mornings, long afternoons, and busy nights.
Wake up relaxed, focused and filled with positive energy without the jitters or crash.
Cheers to making tough decisions easy.
Sip through your feelings and discover what you really want.
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Mindfully crafted in the Windy City
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