The original milk tea | Dairy free

Strong floral black tea with hints of caramel and dates. Functions best as a coffee replacement or mid day pick me up.
Made with oat milk & pea milk
per case (6 - 16 fl oz bottles)
We want to give you 50% off
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The road less traveled.
We didn’t start Joy with some big fundraising check, Instead we started humbly at a farmers market and did the hard but rewarding work other brands don’t want to do.

While we had a blast, this means we’re manufacturing and shipping a fresh product all ourselves. Shipping cold product is tough and sometimes can get costly. We use a 12” box to fit a recyclable insulator & ice packs to make sure it gets to you cold within 2-3 days, which means we can’t offer free shipping… yet

We’re working our behinds off to make Joy shelf stable, which is the industry term for not needing refrigeration. We’re also going to do that without preservatives. The right way.

How about we make a deal? If you buy this milk tea, we’ll give you 50% off when we launch our “shelf stable” milk tea + free shipping.    
Fuel yourself with natural nootropics
A powerful nootropic, L-Theanine enhances the effects of caffeine while also reducing the downsides like jitters and anxiety.

Oh, and our tea has more L-Theanine than regular tea.
... and definitely more than coffee.
Don't tell coffee.
Caffeine without L-Theanine is like a car without brakes. Scary AF.

L-Theanine is your secret weapon in your daily hustle.
mg L-Theanine
mg Caffeine
We see your future. It's plant based.
There’s never been a milk tea like this before. Real brewed tea with all the health benefits. And get this, no dairy. Not a drop.
No tea left unsteeped
Joy partners with tea producers from countries with rich tea heritages. Bringing you the flavors of the world.
Highgrown ceylon
The floral foundation of Black No. 1.
Golden tippy
Specially cured in Ha Giang to have shiny notes of fresh dates.
Bhukial assam
The finishing touch, sprinkles of caramel flavor.
Made for early mornings, long afternoons, and busy nights.
Wake up relaxed, focused and filled with positive energy without the jitters or crash.
Cheers to making tough decisions easy.
Mindfully crafted in the Windy City
Joy Milk Tea LLC 2019