Milk Tea.
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Real milk tea
Brewed tea. No powders (ew) or fake stuff.
Focused, not frantic
Caffeine + L-Theanine = energy (minus jitters & anxiety).
Vegan or dairy
Choose your preference. Everyone should be able to enjoy milk tea.
Subtly sweet
You're sweet enough.
Coffee failed us.
We were bored with the taste.
Held captive by the rush, tired of the crash.
So we made Joy Milk Tea.
Joy is as strong as coffee without side effects.
Joy is everything coffee isn't.
Dairy milk tea
Plant based milk tea
There is
magic in
milk tea.
It's time for a break
More than a coffee alternative.
The alt coffee movement is kind of a big deal right now. But it's not good enough to be just alt-coffee. We actually don't like that phrase. Let's call it, a ritual revolution. Each day is special, so celebrate that with a special drink.
There is no better time for change than the present
Milk tea can change your life.
When we started Joy the idea was simple. A real milk tea that offers something coffee doesn't, a balanced energy.

But, that idea grew into something much larger. At Joy we are committed to the idea that what you drink can change your life. Think about it, Everyday we are faced with tough decisions and sometimes we’re locked into routines that create boredom.

What if a tiny choice like what you choose to drink can give you a new perspective?
The Joy Family
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Not convinced?
Give us 7 days to brainwash you into the milk tea "not cult"
Text JOY to 29071
Even if you're already convinced you can still join the "not cult".
Or just text us yourself
Text JOY to 29071
We’ll try to convince you in 14 days or less to try Joy through SMS. We’re not like your clingy ex, only expect 1 text a day.
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Mindfully crafted in the Windy City
Joy Milk Tea LLC 2019